Floyd County Coalitions

Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services recently embarked on a community health needs assessment in order to identify areas in which Floyd Memorial, along with community partners, can make a positive impact in the overall health of the community, which is defined as Floyd County.

Those health priorities that were discovered were found to be consistent among all data sources (community survey, focus groups and CHNA data). Priorities include adult and childhood obesity, heart disease and stroke, cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, pneumonia incidence, abuse/neglect and mental health. Other areas of concern include: the health behaviors ranking, morbidity, physical environment, incidence of Chlamydia, babies with very low birth weight, incidence of suicide, respiratory issues, incidence of smoking, households with public assistance, fast food and grocery store density, single parent households and workers who travel alone to work.

After doing a deep dive into the data and we found several correlating indicators across health priorities. Examples of what we found include:

  • The incidence of Lung Cancer is an indicator for all other forms of cancer (breast, colorectal and prostate). It also has direct correlation with fruit and vegetable consumption, physical activity (PA) and smoking
  • Smoking correlates with lung cancer, pre-term and low birth weight babies and heart disease.
  • Our data also showed that for many of the cancers the prevention screening tools available were in fact being utilized by Floyd County residents adding credibility to the indicators listed above.
  • Physical activity correlates with obesity, stroke, cancers and mental health
  • Heart disease correlates with stroke, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol


By looking at these correlations, one could determine that if the incidence of smoking decreased, physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumption increased, we would see decreasing incidences of cancers, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. And at the same time would have a positive impact on the mental health of our community and the very low birth weight babies.

In response to these identified priorities Floyd Memorial has developed an action plan to focus our resources, including both time and money, on addressing:

Smoking Cessation

Proper Nutrition

Increased Physical Activity

All of these action items are to be addressed with both children and adults to teach them healthier lifestyle choices that are easily accessible across all socio-economic levels for improved health outcomes.

The full assessment can be found at http://floydfoundation.org/community-assessment/

Floyd County Physical Activity Coalition

Mission Statement: Increase physical activity of Floyd County residents 10 minutes at a time through education and awareness.

Membersgive me 10 logo_FA of the Floyd County Physical Activity Coalition have a goal of increasing the time Floyd County residents (young and old!) spend exercising or being active on a daily basis. The coalition is proposing a community campaign called, “Give Me 10”, where businesses, churches, schools, individuals, and families are encouraged to exercise at least 10 minutes a day.For more information, or to enroll in the campaign, call:


The Coalition is also planning a Family Fitness Day on September 28, 2013 at the Waterfront in New Albany, Indiana. Family Fitness activities will be presented from 10:00am-12:00pm in the Ampitheater. There will be multiple booths with fitness information and activities, give-aways, and nutritious food. For more information, call:


Floyd County Nutrition Coalition5 a Day Logo

Representatives from multiple agencies and groups within the county meet regularly to seek to improve the nutritional status of Floyd County residents. The goal of the group is to increase education, awareness, and consumption of fruits and vegetables in Floyd County. The Coalition has adopted the slogan, “5 a Day” to promote the goal of increasing fruits and vegetable consumption.

Floyd County Tobacco Prevention & Cessation Coalition

This multi-agency coalition strives to combine resources and effort to decrease the number of current tobacco users in Floyd County as well as use preventative measures with youth and young adults. The group is seeking to promote the State Quit Line, 1-800-QUIT-NOW1-800-QUIT-NOW through multiple means, including integration with the local hospital admission system.