Clark County Coalitions

Clark Memorial Hospital conducted a Community Needs Assessment designed to identify the health issues of vulnerable populations and the community as a whole, and to determine how Clark Memorial can help in addressing those issues.


The process included gathering an enormous amount of information regarding demographic, socioeconomic and health statistics, including health care resources and utilization rates, as well as hundreds of community healthcare surveys, stakeholder interviews and focus groups.


The results were reviewed to identify common themes and determine the size and seriousness of the problems identified, as well as the impact of those issues on vulnerable populations and their importance to the community as a whole.  Based on those findings and on Clark’s perceived ability to impact these areas, a prioritized set of healthcare needs was identified, and three-year goals were established for Clark Memorial.  These are shown below:


  • Prevention of chronic diseases
  • How to live a healthier lifestyle by improving eating habits, encouraging tobacco cessation, living a more active lifestyle and addressing substance abuse issues;
  • Support for navigating the health care system;
  • Awareness of and access to social service resources available through the hospital and other community organizations.




Improve Access to Care and Services

  • Continue to build a Primary Care and Specialty Physician network that improves patient access to the CMH system of care;
  • Educate patients on the variety of access points to CMH’s system of care, including Primary Care Physicians, Urgent Care and the Emergency Room and when and how to best use each site of care;
  • Develop tools and resources to assist patients in navigating the increasingly complex health care system. Resources will focus on how to access and leverage appropriate care plans, primary care physicians, wellness and preventative care screenings, and to build awareness of social service organizations in the community.


Improve Management of Chronic Diseases

  • Improve patient and community education on prevention and management of chronic diseases;
  • Continue to apply evidenced-based clinical care protocols to the diagnosis, treatment and post-acute care management of chronic diseases;
  • Improve alignment with post-acute care providers, including rehab hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies, to apply evidence based clinical care approaches across the continuum of care.




Community Coordination of Health Improvement

  • Collaborate with community organizations to coordinate initiatives targeted at improving the health of our community. Collaborative efforts will focus on increasing awareness of what social support services are available in the community and how best to access and leverage these resources.


The full assessment and implementation plan can be found at



Clark County Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Coalition


Clark Memorial’s Smoking Cessation Program, in conjunction with the Clark County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Coalition, can help you every step of the way. Through our partnership with the Coalition, quit coaches will help you create the cessation plan that’s right for you, whether you want to quit cigarettes or spit tobacco. The program, which includes counseling and patches, is free. We also offer free educational programs for schools, businesses, faith-based organizations and other groups.

Don’t wait. A better, healthier life can start today. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW for more information.