Bundle of energy: Workout Industries a one-stop fitness shop

Dalton Million, one of four Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors, demonstrates the steps to apply an arm bar. Staff photo by Tyler Stewart

Dalton Million, one of four Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors, demonstrates the steps to apply an arm bar.
Staff photo by Tyler Stewart

Dustin Casey is a constantly moving ball of energy. That’s a good thing, because his new gym – Workout Industries on Charlestown Road in New Albany – is all about motion.
This is not your typical gym.
A one-stop shop that includes a boot camp with a Casey-designed “The Ultimate Fitness Method” platform, jujitsu four times a week, an all-natural body contouring and supplements line, as well as a traditional gym, Workout Industries is designed to kick your butt and take names on every fitness level.
“My main thing is, and I even put the principles on the board, I tell everybody, ‘This is what we’re doing today,’ it’s tempo, tempo, tempo which means the hustle between the moves are a move itself,” said Casey, 31, Jeffersonville, who co-owns the gym, which opened in November, with Amy Knight. “You get to the next move and be ready to go.
“Sometimes it’s survival mode.”
It’s an enjoyable kind of torture. Just ask Dana Cunningham, who travels from Louisville to work out with Casey at least twice a week, in addition to completing “workout homework” Casey assigns to clients online.
Cunningham, who is a pharmacist at Jewish Hospital, did cardio on her own but hit a plateau. About a year ago, she sought out Casey.
“I came to work out with Dustin one time, and I told myself, ‘I got this. I work out.’ He kicked my butt,” she said. “I was sore for a couple of days. I’ve been coming back ever since.”
With time at a premium, Cunningham appreciates Casey’s efficient approach to a workout.
“When I come to the gym I want it to be effective, I want to feel like I’ve gotten something out of it,” Cunningham, 27, said. “I don’t want it to take a lot of time out of the day. When I work out with Dustin, I feel like I get better results than on my own.”
With cross fit being all the rage on the workout scene, Casey, a certified personal trainer, touches on those techniques but strives for diversity in moves while stressing metabolic conditioning and strength training.
“I want to have everybody  grab different toys when they get here. Variety is key,” he said. “If you come in every day knowing you’re doing pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, you get bored. You lose that spark. How do we keep you coming back? It’s that variety. Your muscles can respond to confusion.”
Consider Kate Biros confused – in a good way.
“It’s something different every day,” Biros, 25, New Albany, said of working out with Casey. “I usually can’t move the next day. Your heart is always beating really fast. You’re always sweating. It feels more effective than what I normally do when I’m by myself.”
Workout Industries also offers a traditional gym membership with cardio machines, free weights and exercise machines. But the goal is to lure traditional gym-goers into feeling out Casey’s boot camp program with fast-paced activity happing nearby on non-traditional equipment.
“Having a gym is like that funnel,” said Casey, a Silver Creek High School graduate. “The ultimate goal is let’s do it not seated. Let’s get you up and moving. It’s just that trying to get people to go to that right away kind of misses a step. So it’s get people in here. Every day they have to see (the boot camp), smell it and feel the energy going on.”
Workout Industries also features the It Works line of body slimming treatments – including body wraps – featuring nutritional supplements as well as skin-care products.
Knight said the body wraps, which come in a box of four treatments, work on the body for a 72-hour period that “creates a lipolysis process, which tightens and tones and revitalizes skin,” she said, adding that they work wonders on stretch marks and sagging skin.
Like its owner, Workout Industries buzzes with energy on several levels.
“It’s a fitness industry. We try to treat it like an umbrella and do it all right here,” Casey said. “It’s all in one spot and that’s what makes us unique.”

// article: Jason Thomas
// photos: Tyler Stewart

This article was published in the Jan. 2015 issue of Southern Indiana Fitness Source.